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08 April 2011

i tak ada mood nak update my blog coz i got big problem with post title . grrr . i don't know why but my post title didn't show up . bloggers , please help me ! if memang BLOGGER yang bermasalah , please fix this problem as soon as posibble okay . if not , i'm going to get angry ! HAHA , no lah . maybe i should wait for it to be normal again . plus , my internet also slow , it makes me fed up to do new posts . *sigh* toodles ~

p/s: i do speak broken English in my daily life . so , ignore it and keep reading . :) i used to talk Manglish actually . i'm trying to improve my language , if there's anything that you don't understand . ask me , i'll translate to you then, and of course in Malay . HAHA !

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